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How to receive files via Bluetooth on Gnome3

In this post I will describe how to receive files via Bbuetooth on Gnome3. Strangely it is possible to send files from your PC to any other device, but it is not possible to receive files from other devices via bluetooth. Maybe that’s just the case for people with a minimal installation of Gnome3 like my self, however the solution for this problem is very simple.

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How to install and configure NetworkManager and network-manager-applet on Arch Linux with Gnome3

In this article I will describe how to make networkmanager and the network-manager-applet (aka nm-applet) work on Arch Linux with GNOME3. Of course there are other networking-tools available, however I prefer the use of networkmanager and network-manager-applet, because they integrate them selves very well into GNOME3.

Please notice that some parts of this how to were taken from Arch-Wiki-Networkmanager and Arch-Wiki-Beginners-Guide and I highly recommend reading those two articles.

0. Preparations
1. Installation
2. Configuration
3. Wireless troubleshooting
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