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How to install Privoxy and combine it with Tor

In this post I’ll show you how you can improve your privacy and anonymity while you are browsing on some websites. For this purpose I’ll use Privoxy and Tor. Privoxy is a non-caching web-proxy with filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy. Tor uses an overlay network of volunteers and relays your traffic through the Tor network to it’s destination. It also encrypts your data, so no Tor node (except the exit node) can read your data.

This is not a high-security setup, but it should improve your privacy and anonymity.

1. Privoxy
2. Tor
3. Combine Privoxy and Tor
4. Appendix
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How to install Debian Squeeze on Apple iBook G3 with PPC architecture

This instruction describes how to install Debian Squeeze on an iBook with a G3 PPC CPU. It is the way that worked for me and it might be usefull for others who want to bring back some live to a nice little machine.

0. Preparations
1. Shrinking the Mac OS partition
2. Installing Debian Squeeze
3. Configuring Debian Squeeze
    3.1 Right-click by Ctrl+click
    3.2 Function keys and eject key
    3.3 Soundcard
    3.4 Keyboard mappings
    3.5 Airport
    3.6 Power management
    3.7 LXDE


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