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Vim Cheat Sheet

Linux is a great OS and ships with a lot of text editors. But in my opinion one of them is special, VIM. If you use VIM for the first time, it’ll be very annoying because there are so much keys and little tricks you have to know. I use VIM for about one and a half year and I still have to search for some keys and little tricks. So I decided to make a little cheat sheet. I will update this cheat sheet from time to time.
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How to make diffs of SVN and Git files with vimdiff

Version control systems like Git or SVN have lots of advantages. One can easily fork a project or create a new branch to test new code. I use Git for all my programs, reports and for my thesis. But sometimes it is necessary to see the difference of two versions of a file. One can use git diff or svn diff but in my opinion the output of these tools are not very nice and it is not easy to see the difference of the files.
In this post I will show you how you can display the difference of two versions of a (SVN or Git) file. The tool I’ll use for this purpose is vimdiff. It’s also possible to use gvimdiff for graphical vim, just replace vimdiff with gvimdiff.
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