How to receive files via Bluetooth on Gnome3

In this post I will describe how to receive files via Bbuetooth on Gnome3. Strangely it is possible to send files from your PC to any other device, but it is not possible to receive files from other devices via bluetooth. Maybe that’s just the case for people with a minimal installation of Gnome3 like my self, however the solution for this problem is very simple.

1) Make sure bluetooth is enabled and the bluetooth daemon is running

2) Make sure your PC and desired device are paired with each other

3) Install the gnome-user-share package
Use your graphical-package-manager or the appropriate command in the terminal to do so. If you are an Arch Linux user you can do this by using this command in the terminal:

$ sudo pacman -S gnome-user-share

Notice: If you also want to send files from your pc to an other device you have to install the obexd-client package

4) Start gnome-user-share and enable “Receive files in Downloads folder via Bluetooth” checkbox
Use the following command in the terminal if you can’t find the gnome-user-share starter:

$ gnome-file-share-properties

Now you should be able to send files via bluetooth to your PC. If you need further instructions I can also add some screenshots and further descriptions for the points 1)-3). So feel free to comment ūüėČ


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