How to install and configure HP printers / scanners on Archlinux

In this post I will describe how to install and configure a HP printer and scanner combi devices on Arch Linux. The described method should be applicable for most of HPs USB devices. I have written this article, because I had some problems trying to enable the built-in scanner of my HP Deskjet F380 on Arch Linux.

    1. Installation
          Install cups , python-imaging, ghostscript and hplip
      $ sudo pacman -S cups python-imaging ghostscript hplip
    2. Configuration
      • Enable and start the cups service (mak sure to don’t start or enabe cupsd!):
        $ sudo systemctl enable cups
        $ sudo systemctl start cups
      • Attention: This is the old and by now depricated way. It’s an alternative to the two commands from above and should only be used by users who didn’t update their system for a long time: Add the cups daemon to the DAEMON list of /etc/rc.conf, make sure to add cupsd after acpid dbus and avahi-daemon:
        # /etc/rc.conf - configuration file for initscripts
        # Most of rc.conf has been replaced by various other configuration
        # files. See archlinux(7) for details.
        # For more details on rc.conf see rc.conf(5).
        DAEMONS=(... acpid dbus avahi-daemon cupsd ...)
    3. Enable printing
      • Make sure that cups is running and open the Cups-Webfrontend with your Browser by opening this URL: http://localhost:631/
      • Click on administration and enter as username root and your root-password
      • Click on manage printers, there you should see your Printer (if your printer is not listed configure it by running hp-devicesettings in the terminal)
      • Click on your printers name and select set allowed users from the drop down menu of the following page.
      • Enter your username into the text box, select the Allow these users to print option and click on the set allowed users button to proceed.

You may now close your webbrowser and should be able to print, but not to scan.

    1. Enable scanning
      • Add your user to the scanner group by executing this command:
        $ sudo gpasswd -a YourUsername scanner
      • Edit the file /etc/sane.d/dll.conf and uncomment the line:

Now also your scanner should be working. if you have not installed any scanning applications, you can test your scanner with this command:

$ hp-scan

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